An UpGrade to your Coffee

5 Ingredients that can make your morning coffee healthier and tastier!

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Coffee is delicious and beneficial on its own, but who says you can’t upgrade it?

As part of the morning ritual of millions of people around the world, coffee is one of the oldest beverages that not only can boost your energy but could also have additional benefits such as reducing the risk of liver cancer, heart failure, and type 2 diabetes.

Did you know that coffee drinkers can live longer? According to research done by Harvard Health Publishing, moderate consumption of coffee — roughly three to four cups a day — can contribute to a longer life span.

If you are a part of this big and lovely community and enjoy a cup of hot coffee every morning, you may be excited to find out that there are some beneficial ingredients out there that can be added up.

“Roasted beans grounded and then brewed with near-hot boiling water” — sounds tempting, doesn’t it? But who said you can not add up to this lovely blend of favor?

Here are some of the recommendations made by nutritionists, therapists, fitness and yoga instructors:

1. Cinnamon

By far the most common ingredient is cinnamon because it has very strong antioxidant properties, is a natural anti-inflammatory, and has an anti-diabetic effect, lowering blood sugar levels.

Did you know that cinnamon contains 4 grams of fiber, 68% of your daily manganese, 8% of your daily calcium, 4% of your daily iron, and 3% of your daily vitamin K dose in just one tablespoon?

If you prefer sugar in your coffee you will be happy to find out that cinnamon can provide that sweet flavor your palate is craving while still avoiding the calories and harmful effects that sugar can have.

If you want to make it even tastier you can mix the cinnamon with a bit of coconut oil or, you can combine it with some almond milk and a little honey. That will instantly put a smile on your face first time in the morning.

And as we are in the business of getting the best out of ourselves, you will be surprised to find out that cinnamon will basically put your brain to work. While caffeine helps to wake up your brain, adding cinnamon to your mug can enhance your brain’s cognitive functioning as well as boost your overall brain function.

2. Collagen

Many therapists and medical advisors are saying they add collagen-enriched protein powder to their coffee because it contributes to the youthful appearance of the skin, but also to bone health.

Collagen protein can also help in bossting the muscle mass through it’s properties of stimulating muscle growth and can also help in strengthening hair and nails.

You might ask yourself if the proteins will not be destroyed by the heat. You should not worry, because while coffee is usually brewed at around 96ºC (205ºF), collagen proteins start to degrade at around 150ºC (302ºF).

In addition, don’t forget that the cup in which you make your coffee is very important. Who will not love a mug that gives you inspiration or has a strong sentimental value?

3. A mix of adaptogenic ingredients (maca, reishi, ashwagandha)

Adaptogenic plants, roots, and powders are doing exactly what the name suggests: they help the body adapt effectively to external factors, such as stress, pollution, and toxic substances in products and the atmosphere. Therefore, the body is supported and can balance more easily, especially in a world full of stressful external stimuli and pollutants everywhere.

The most famous adaptogenic ingredients used in coffee are maca, ashwagandha, and reishi.

  • Maca helps maintain hormonal balance, supports fertility and libido. There are studies showing that maca enhances memory and learning. Also, if used for a long period of time it can protect your brain. You can mix it with cacao powder and coconut sugar to surprise your friend with a healthy and tasty “maccacino”!
  • Reishi is an Asian mushroom, famous for its anti-cancer properties as well as its role in improving immunity and reducing fatigue and depression. Despite its popularity, the use of reishi has been questioned by many researchers if used for a longer period of time or if you have a special condition (such as being pregnant/ breastfeeding, a blood disorder, low blood pressure, or if you are undergoing a surgery). Hence, it is best if you will consult a health specialist before introducing it into your routine.
  • Aswagandha fights against chronic fatigue and depression, lowering cortisol levels and therefore helping you fight stress. As well as reishi, a high dose of ashwagandha may cause side effects, hence it is best to consult a healthcare professional to ensure it is safe for you.

4. MCT Oil

Extracted from coconut, this type of oil contains medium-chain triglycerides, being an extremely healthy fat and very easy to digest. Many athletes use this type of oil for its thermogenic effect, which helps burn calories faster.

Consuming MCT oil will help in increasing your metabolism rate. According to some studies, a person who is consuming 1 or 2 tablespoons of MCT oil can burn around 120 calories per day due to an increase in energy of around 5%.

MCT oil is also helping in keeping our immune system up, due to the lauric acid which is known for its antimicrobial properties. This has been found effective in treating viral infections, intestinal infections, or other viruses such as herpes.

While promoting weight loss and energy boost, studies are showing that the MCT oil along a keto diet could help in the treatment of conditions such as autism, Alzheimer's, and epilepsy.

5. CBD Oil

Another ingredient added to the coffees of wellness experts is CBD oil. It is extracted from the hemp plant, but not having psychoactive properties. Instead, CBD oil is a famous natural remedy for anxiety, insomnia, depression, or chronic pain. Many yoga therapists and instructors are mixing the oil with maca and reishi.

As both, coffee and CBD oil have antioxidant properties, they could be beneficial for overall health while protecting our cells from the harmful effects of toxins. Antioxidants minimise the risk of illness by neutralising toxic free radicals in the bloodstream.

Finally, do not forget the grounds! You can save the leftovers for a homemade scrub which can lift the dead skin cells, making the skin look brighter and feel smoother.

“Do not forget to take care of YOURSELF, MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT!”

Fuelled by coffee and personal development.

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